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Hello and welcome to our youth employment web-service... This web-service is here to help young people find work that fits around their choice of higher education or just for someone who is leaving school and would like to jump straight into work. Along with being a web-service, this site is also a social networking method to allow employers and potential employees to talk with each other and will allow the employers to see what kind of indurvidual the user is and can help give the employer enough information to get an idea of someones personallity before an official interview is scheduled.

Please ensure you use your REAL NAME as your profile name and also make sure to present your profile as professional...This is an employment web-service after all! Fake User profiles may be BANNED! 

If you encounter any problemes while using this site, please feel free to talk to an administrator for assistance. 

Enjoy your stay!

- E18 Team

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